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One of the greatest legacies brought to Reiki by Denise was the opportunity for Reiki students and volunteers to gather together on Retreat, to do their own work so they can be of greater service to their communities. This sense of community is explored with John and Ellen in the presence of nature in some of the most beautiful places in the world; such as Land of Medicine Buddha in the Redwoods in California, USA, at Stoney Lake in northern Ontario, Canada (in the fall) and Bicheno in Tasmania, Australia (March).

Bicheno, Tasmania, Australia

Located in the south eastern corner of Australia… this tiny seaside town with its pristine beaches and rugged coastline provides the ideal setting for a retreat. For the past 10 years we have gathered in the wonderful resort of Diamond Island. This idyllic setting has the added bonus of being a rookery for the tiny fairy penguins. We meditate under the stars and gather each day overlooking the ever changing Tasman Sea. Watch the newsletter for information on the Bicheno Retreat in Tasmania. Click here to download the Bicheno Retreat registration form.

Land of Medicine Buddha, California, U.S.A.

An amazing opportunity to retreat and surrender to the Silence of the giant redwoods and the majesty of the cathedral-like canopy of trees is truly a gift of the Soul. It is seldom that an opportunity for such serenity presents itself. This Retreat is a gift of Love and nurturing to the self. See the Santa Barbara website for the Retreat in the Redwoods in California.

Muskoka Retreat, Severn Lodge Canada (North of Toronto)

The changing colours of fall in this corner of the world, is breathtaking. Reflections of absolute beauty inspire and delight as we take this opportunity to pause and gather sustenance. To sow seeds of the future that will bear fruit in spring, or just throw a pebble into the lake and watch the ripples grow; A time to dream. Click here to download the Muskoka Retreat, Severn Lodge registration form