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Inspiration. Healing. Community.

Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, do not anger.
Honour your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to every living thing.

Welcome to The Usui Reiki Centre!

Pencil sketch of Usui Reiki House in Melbourne AustraliaYou have skills and gifts beyond your wildest dreams… come on in, take a seat, or lie on a table and take the journey of Reiki. It is not a skill to be learned or taught, it is a journey of remembering. You already have within your being all that you ever need to weave a magical life. You simply need a place; a safe place that will draw out your natural talent; a space that will cause you to remember to lift and illuminate your true healing nature, and reveal to you your healed self; the magical being that you are.

This Centre was founded and forged from a dream. The dream of Denise and John Crundall to maintain the original unadulterated lineage of Dr Usui, as brought to Australia in 1983 by Rev. Beth Gray, one of Hawayo Takata’s original students. The Usui Reiki system of natural healing is a map that returns to you, your power of creativity and healing. It is a gateway to a multi-dimensional healing reality. Enjoy the journey.

A Community Centre staffed by volunteers that functions through your donations… a place to heal and dream and mostly to remember.

So Be Welcome.